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About Us

Buckingham Plant Hire Limited

Buckingham Plant Hire is a well- established company being recognised as one of the leading specialists in heavy plant hire and has been trading continuously since 1955. Over those years we have earned the respect of major plant manufacturers via our development of superior technical abilities and in that time we have also built up a fantastic supply chain, which we treat respectfully. All of these benefits then get passed onto our client. Physical Plant Hire is only a fraction of what we do, we have a huge resource that supports our fleet… we may be relatively small but we have an impressive range of in-house resources and are immensely proud of them.

We recognise the value of being a trustworthy business partner that works hard to support our Client’s operations and businesses. We are constantly looking for ways to help reduce client’s costs and their environmental impact; whether that be through specifying the correct machine or by introducing modifications to do the job better and more efficiently. As a result of this attention to detail and our policy of seeking continuous improvement we frequently see long-term relationships develop with our Clients with most contracts being renewed and extended beyond their original terms.

Buckingham is an owner-managed family business with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, this is reflected in practice. As a fair and principled employer we have an exceptionally low turn-over of time-served employees. We developed from an agriculture background and still retain links with agriculture, most of all we have retained a can-do attitude whatever the scenario or hour.

We are never satisfied; we want to improve, we want to be the best.

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