Our Team

Your 24hr Support Network

We take great pride in our purpose built, state- of-the-art maintenance and repair facility, which consists of a superbly equipped 10,000 ft2 space, with over-head craneage and all other pre- requisite equipment. For machines that require more major attention our specialist Engineers / Coded Welders / Fabricators carry out repair work from within the workshop itself. To ensure our client’s productivity on site, we keep spare machines in reserve at our workshop facility, and we run our own Heavy Plant Transport Service.

We employ a team of seven, fully trained and experienced Plant Engineers, most of whom spend their time carrying out scheduled maintenance repairs on customer sites, working out of their fully-equipped mobile workshop vehicles.

We have four, full-time Plant and Vehicle Service Co-ordinators and Administrators working in our Plant Department. They oversee a bespoke system of data reporting which underpins our repair and maintenance programmes. At the beginning of each week they receive detailed defect reports for every machine in our fleet. This data is then analysed and loaded into the system. All repairs and scheduled servicing works are allocated to the Plant Engineer’s via this Defect Report System. We believe passionately in absolute adherence to scheduled preventative maintenance regimes in order to maintain our Client’s productivity on site and to reduce operating costs.

In 2015 we further enhanced this support with a new position of “Plant Support Operator” who specialises in training and helping operators to achieve higher standards.