Case Study:

Client:      Shanks Waste Management
Location:      Elstow, Bedfordshire
Contract duration:      2010 – 2015
Machines onsite:      5

The Shanks Group was originally founded way back in 1880 and is a leading independent Waste Management business with operations across Europe and in Canada.

Shanks Waste Management Limited operate a sophisticated Waste Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility at Elstow in central Bedfordshire, which receives approximately 100,000 tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste per annum.

Mixed Municipal Waste received at Elstow is sorted, baled and sent for reprocessing or final disposal as appropriate. Buckingham have been providing specialised handling equipment to assist these processes at Elstow since 2004 and a well-established relationship has developed between Supplier and Client based on mutual trust, reliability and the delivery of value for money.

For more information on Shanks Waste Management, please visit their website:

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